Earth Creations Landscaping Composting Benefits

The Benefits of Composting for your Garden! 1. Adds nutrients to the soil. 2. Introduces valuable organisms to the soil. 3. Recycles kitchen and yard waste. 4. Reduces landfill waste. 5. Good for the environment! Source: Give it a try! Great for your garden and plants while helping the environment at the same time!…Continue Reading “Benefits of Composting”

  The first thing that will catch your eye here at Earth Creations Landscaping is our fabulous Koi pond! It is surrounded by vibrant colors of tropical plants that include Plumeria, an assortment of palms, Banana trees, Elephant Ears, Red and yellow Cannas, variegated Ginger, and a host of other perennials and annuals. Even though…Continue Reading “Check Out Our Office Pond in July! Want One for You Too?”

Earth Creations Landscaping Lacewings

If you think you have an infestation of lacewing, look closer! Lacewings make lunch of those harmful bugs that munch on your landscape plants, such as “aphids… mites… caterpillars, leafhoppers,  mealybugs and whiteflies.” So, if you see them, know that they are not harmful to your plants, but are there to feed on something that…Continue Reading “Lacewings! A great addition to your landscape!”